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RC wallpaper  

Edit more MC live in Osaka by my sasha Thxxxxxxxxxxxxxsoo muchhhhh

When they talk about leader's hair color

Fan: golden!

Keita: I think leader fits black hair.

Then KT kept talkin about"I really really think you are fit with black hair, cuz ur skin is so white. Black hair on forehead like this must be pretty(KT gestured) .
Ohhh you are so white, could I have a touch !?!" (He talked with a very very bitch tone=[]=)

Then! He touched leader's face!And his touch was like a dalliance www

My frd shared MC on 8月18 to me, that so cuteee report let's enjoy 

Keita: why there is only me always talking? you 2 say sth plz! 

Ryo: my temper is bad so i am also so(don't talk to much). 

Keita: why? but u look like a prince!!! 

Ryu: when we r working outside.he always comes by riding on a elephant! and also the elephant will wait for him in the parking place (then ryu acts like an elephant)

translated by sanako

lats night she comment she was seriously sick !!!
wish my babe get better soon~
long time no work~ just only Ryohei


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Im getting on well XD thx ><
I should have translated the part when KT touch ryohei's face on osaka live to u , grin*
just wait ma mail XD

And thx for the wallpaper

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2011/08/19 09:36 | edit

when KT touch ryohei's face on osaka live
OMG!! What is this!! LOL. Recently KT is sooooooo approaching to Ryohei in both words and action XD. They both seem to have a happy time being close to each other though hahaha!!

Thanks to sanako for the translation! I wonder if we can also see her in HK in October? It would be great if we gonna have a big KR party there LOL.

Nice work ma sis!! Leader is as kawaii as always :)
Glad to know that Sasha is getting better. Nothing is better than having a healthy condition!!

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2011/08/19 11:49 | edit

Sanako chan is gonna attend the HK live, she lives in the city really nearly to HK >< I dunno her schedule in HK now , but I think I can bring you to meet her in the star hall XD

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2011/08/19 16:34 | edit

To Sasha, that's a good news!! XD
Last time I missed seeing her coz I didn't know she was there too!
So excited by now, it's so glad to meet you all!! XD

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2011/08/19 17:00 | edit

oh sanako will come, great!! we will have big meeting XD

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เพิ่งได้อ่าน ตรงที่มันขอจับบบบบบบ แรงเกินไปปปปปป (หัวเราะ)
ขอบคุณมิสช่ากับซานาโกะมากๆเลยที่เล่าให้ฟัง ขอบคุณปอด้วยจ้ะ

ปล. ขอเอาวอลไปใช้นะ อิอิ

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2011/08/24 02:56 | edit