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[PV] You&I  

You&I : w-inds. single 30th awesome!!! nice song and nice music video.

summer time!!! the sea, the sun, the song and hot guys.
make me feel on top of the world and wanna go to the beach. >////<

♪ ♪ "Just wanna be with you~ your mind your soul your heart your all ~
You&I have a sympathy You&I have a destiny
" (>人<;)
when he do anything that perfect and cool. girls fallin love him.right?
oh what is love? I just wanna say Love is RYUICHI.hee hee


Ryohei , he was super duper cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
when he dancing Just sooooooooooooooo cool !!!!!!!!!!!

Keita!!!he sing very very nice and pronounce English very good,too 
his image look warm and kind oh ~I love you sing, Mr.muscle.

Love w-inds. forever
yep!!! that all of my feelings.  plz support them!!!!


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i want ryu
i need ryo
i love keita? LOL ~♪(´ε` )

love this pv very much >_<

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All I can say for this PV is AWESOME!! I love it!!!
They look soooooo good!!! I love you w-inds.!!!!!

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2011/07/29 23:29 | edit

First time when I checked out this PV, be4 the scene that KT fetched a beauty onto his car, I really thought him to be a gay cuz he was driving with a guy. Then the guy got off, a beauty went on >> This not makes me feel better cuz it looked really funny.(I mean his face and the whloe scene looked funny haha)
Sorry KT I'm not laughin at u ;)
The most attractive scene for me is the moments when they were dancing in the sunset. That was beautiful ^^even KT is charming ^^ His skinny body and long legs make me shout LOL
In a word, they are really handsome (except for KT maybe LOLLLL))and I badly luv this PV!

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